People Are The Foundation For Everything.


Think about every story that has impacted your  your life, especially your business life. What do you remember most?
The people. All stories are ultimately about people. People are the foundation for everything you do, feel, hear, see, think and want.Read more »

5-Star Amazon Reviews for Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide

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So the only thing more exciting than writing a book is clicking over to my Amazon page and finding these amazing 5-star reviews!

I wrote the book as a service to help entrepreneurs and other small business owners navigate the partnershipRead more »

An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Thoughtbook Cover

Going thru my email this morning, I got my notification from The Kauffman Foundation about their Thoughtbook. I’ve been a loyal Kauffman groupie and Thoughtbook subscriber for years. Don’t know what this is? Oh, are you missing out.
The Kauffman FoundationRead more »