Learn About Leadership from a Fighter Pilot



I’m helping my friend, former fighter pilot Dave Rohlander, launch his book. The guy flew hundreds of missions in VietNam and saved many lives, so I trust him. He knows how to lead and has important things to tell you.

And you know I love great books.

His is a great book for CEOs and leaders of every stripe…

David Rohlander has written THE handbook for senior executive success. If you are a CEO, want to become a CEO, or simply want to master the habits of highly effective corporate and entrepreneurial leaders, this book is for you.

Today, April 1, is the official book launch and if you invest a few bucks in this great book on this day, David has all kinds of goodies waiting for you here

No fooling!

David’s advice in this book – just like his advice to his CEO coaching clients – is highly focused, concise, and powerful.

He doesn’t waste a word on fluff or theory. This book is all meat – and all highly relevant to today’s business environment of uncertainty, dramatic change, and turbulence. The good news – David is a both a US Air Force veteran and veteran CEO so he’s no stranger to turbulence of any kind!

The three chapters on Systems, Action, and Respect – on their own – are worth the price of admission. Throughout the course of the book, David peppers his hard-hitting CEO-level advice with deep insights, great stories, and unexpected humor.

If you are ready to take your business to new heights of financial, personal and professional success, The CEO Code is a must-read.

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Happy reading!

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