Our Business Is Personal

Our Business Is Personal

First and foremost, business is personal to us. Very personal.

We are part of the Experts Industry and its conversations and are constantly and persistently in the loop—in some cases ahead of it. More than one hundred awards and hundreds of clients over the years speak to that fact. And we will continue to hang out on that interesting and cutting edge and report back to you for your benefit.

However, we have other things we want to share with you. Like who we are. What inspires us. How we are in the world. How we give back. Often this gets lost in the rat race.

We are very very very great at what we do. Where we differ is in how we work. Over the years and through our evolution into A Human Foundation (AHF), we have learned that all things equal, the key to a successful business is how you relate to yourself, each other, to clients, AHF partners etc, through thick and thin.

We have embraced and live by a very human way of working. Yes, we’re experts but not pushovers. We have opinions based on specific knowledge and research. We’re also very warm people who value relationships.

So BUSINESS IS PERSONAL is our mantra. You can count on it. And on us. Our core values (see the Wordle above) are also very human. This paints a picture of AHF that we are very proud of.

We want you to know us as people. So you will be seeing lots of posts about us and our passions- and oddities – in this blog. And if we haven’t told you before, thank you. For being in partnership with us. For being our valued clients. For trusting us. For letting us be real and personal with you