Partnersh*t Detector: A Quiz For Existing Partnerships

Are You and Your Partner Full of Partnersh*t?

Ever bother talking to your partner about why you’re in business together? If not, you may find yourself knee-deep in Partnersh*t before you even realize it. This puts you at high risk for losing everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Often, partners who run into business trouble blame the business. This isn't always the case. More often than not, business problems will stem from problems within the partnership. In this assessment, you will be able to pinpoint your pain points (how’s that for a word combination!) and discover which of the 7 Steps to Building a Human Foundation® you need to work on. It might be all of them. Or just one. But failing in one area can be just as deadly as all. These questions are designed to uncover any Partnersh*t in your existing Partnership. Give your business a fighting chance—start by finding and cleaning up that deadly Partnersh*t NOW.

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