People Are The Foundation For Everything.


Think about every story that has impacted your  your life, especially your business life. What do you remember most?

The people. All stories are ultimately about people. People are the foundation for everything you do, feel, hear, see, think and want. You can’t have a life, family, party, date or business—or any story— without people.

Yet I find that, especially in business, people come second. The focus is always on the business. This will create Partnersh*t. Why? Because unless you recognize the value in your people (this includes not just partners but employees, vendors, strategic partners and so forth), people will rebel.

It’s human nature to want to be valued. You can demonstrate your commitment to valuing others in a few easy ways:

  1. Take time to discover who they are and what makes them tick.
  2. Find out what THEY value.
  3. Ask for their opinion.
  4. Listen to their answers and comments.
  5. Create a culture of accountability so people understand that the environment is not only safe but motivating.
  6. Give praise when earned.
  7. Share the glory.
  8. Reward in ways that they will appreciate.

Remember that values, in this context, are not about money. They are the foundation upon which people live and interact with the world. Values reflect a person’s sense of right and wrong or what “ought” to be. Values influence attitudes and behavior. Values are both personal and cultural. Understanding and acknowledging values give you the keys to the business partnership kingdom, because, once and always,  Business is Personal.

Pretty valuable information, isn’t it?