Freelancing—or Working for Free?


Is it just me? Yes, both words feature the word “free.” But to many potential un-payers, they mean the same thing: free, as in do-the-work-but-I-ain’t- payin’-you.
I ask: Would you ask Sears to shoot by to fix your dryer gratis? WouldRead more »

First Order of Business? Build a Healthy Business Partnership.


The age-old chicken-egg question will never be answered. But the “What comes first? The partnership or the business?” question has a definite and absolute answer.
The partnership. All the way. Ding! Ding! Ding!
You simply cannot build a healthy, thriving partner-business unlessRead more »

People Are The Foundation For Everything.


Think about every story that has impacted your  your life, especially your business life. What do you remember most?
The people. All stories are ultimately about people. People are the foundation for everything you do, feel, hear, see, think and want.Read more »

Hey Partners: Do You React or Respond?


I think the biggest mistake I have made in my business partnership and probably in my life, has been in reacting to people/comments/things/situations, rather than responding.
• Reacting = READY/FIRE/AIM.
• Responding = READY/AIM/FIRE.
Which do you think has more power? Staying centeredRead more »

Our Business Is Personal


Our Business Is Personal
First and foremost, business is personal to us. Very personal.
We are part of the Experts Industry and its conversations and are constantly and persistently in the loop—in some cases ahead of it. More than one hundred awardsRead more »