Four Senseless—and Costly—Mistakes Business Partners Make & How to Avoid Them


This is an excerpt from The Expert Success Solution, the new #1 International Bestseller written by 22 experts who collaborated to bring the reader short, actionable solutions to some of life’s most common problems. Available on Amazon and 1800CEOREAD.COM
In 2009, myRead more »

#1 International Bestselling Author!


My name is Patty Soffer and I’m a #1 International Bestselling Author.
Holy crap! I never thought I’d get to utter those words in my whole life. Yet here it is.
I write for a living—ad copy, marketing copy, businessRead more »

I’ve Been Robbed


You probably know by now that I love to write—not just books but articles, comments, blogs and so forth. It stands to reason that the more you write, the more you get read. That’s the point. And if you areRead more »

Tune in Today, 2/5/13, to Kaufmann Foundation’s “State of Entrepreneurship” Address



The Kaufmann Foundation exists solely for entrepreneurs. They are there to serve. Today, give them the opportunity to serve you. The information they impart is pure gold and will further your mission asRead more »

People Are The Foundation For Everything.


Think about every story that has impacted your  your life, especially your business life. What do you remember most?
The people. All stories are ultimately about people. People are the foundation for everything you do, feel, hear, see, think and want.Read more »

5-Star Amazon Reviews for Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 1.26.41 PM

So the only thing more exciting than writing a book is clicking over to my Amazon page and finding these amazing 5-star reviews!

I wrote the book as a service to help entrepreneurs and other small business owners navigate the partnershipRead more »

“I Was Blind and Now I See,” says Novice Business Partner Osmara Vindel

New partners Osmara Vindel from Butterfly Club and April Norris from hyp

I had the absolute pleasure of working last week with two visionary young women who are planning to merge their individual talents and tools as powerful business partners.
Osmara and April dug into the first 5 steps of the 7-step Partnersh*t-2-PartnershipRead more »

This is About Way More Than Four More Years.

President Barack Obama

Without getting political, I’d like to talk about yesterday’s election.
On the surface, I may appear partisan, but what I really am is an evangelist for people joining together for the betterment of humanity.
To the uber-capitalists, I sound naive. But toRead more »