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Look no further. For people drowning in a pool of tears created by struggling business partnerships, or other troubled relationships, this book is an essential life preserver. It uniquely combines triage practicality with bold innovative strategies specifically designed to rescue. As a Private Practice Psychotherapist for almost 15 years in Beverly Hills, I’ve seen faulty communication skills consistently present as the root of cause of client distress. Ms. Soffer teaches effective technique from the title of her book to the last page. How? By demonstrating a disciplined expression of disclosure, honesty, clarity, focus and intention as the method for conveying an .a.l.l.-.i.m.p.o.r.t.a.n.t. as well as .c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y. .n.e.w. step-by-step .p.r.o.c.e.s.s. to alleviate interpersonal pain, or avoid it in advance, and build A Human Foundation upon which a business partnership, or a marriage of any kind, can stand firm. This is not a simple swim; especially for those thrashing in agony. A seasoned coach like Ms. Soffer is required … And having admittedly gone off-course in deep water herself and battled to learn a better route, there is nobody more qualified to lead others to the secure safety of increased awareness, healthy patterns and achievable business/personal success. This is the book you knew was needed but didn’t know existed. Look no further.
Lee Schiller, MA, MFT (CA Lic. MFC43554)

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Patty Soffer is boldly ushering in a new paradigm in business. She is a vibrant force of clarity, creativity and brilliance. It’s impossible to be in her presence without coming away with a fresh perspective. With her distinctive personality—funny, sharp and clever—she tells it like it is. ALWAYS. Working with Patty to create an inspiring, strong and authentic foundation for my business was the single most important step I have taken along my entrepreneurial path. Patty helped me navigate an emotionally treacherous partnership break-down with grace and dignity. I am eternally grateful to Patty for imparting a deep understanding of what it takes to have true success.

—April Norris, Instructor, Coach,
Healer and Creator at aprilnorris.com

I couldn’t be more excited that Patty has packaged her wisdom, dramatic stories and special sauce into this book. Having waited for years for the release, I’m breath-taken by her impenetrable commitment to making partnerships successful. Her words are potent, as is the invitation to take inventory no matter where your partnerships stand today.

—Jessica Kizorek, Founder,

Patty’s new book “Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide” is evolutionary for modern business relationships. Her intuitive approach to definining and guiding the delicate nuances that affect our business lives goes way beyond mundane philosophy and strategy and into something very personal and exciting. Her book boldly shoots straight to the heart of what affects every relationship. It’s not about financials, bricks and mortar, or technological advances, but about PEOPLE. Patty’s book is like an experienced best friend guiding your hand from the formation of a new partnership to a successful, well-run business. Reading her book helps readers avoid crucial, often-made mistakes that ultimately force entrepreneurs down the painful Partnersh*t road and instead, clearly and effectively lays out the road map leading to personal and financial success. Bravo Patty for discovering the secret of business…it’s about PEOPLE, its about being personal, it’s about creativity, success and happiness beyond the bottom line!

—Jose Luis Martinez, Creative Director,
Miami World Cinema Center

If you are looking into forming a partnership (personal or professional) or in creating something bigger with your life – this is the woman who you want as your coach. Not only is Patty Hogue Soffer a creative soul, a poignant public speaker, advocate of the arts and intelligent thought leader, but she is also a heart-based connector. She’s done the “tough” work—using her own life as the litmus test. From that place, she helps people and businesses create a more “human” foundation in their personal and professional enclaves. She commits to aligning you with your core values and then helps form healthy systems of communication (from contracts to daily execution) that create the space for growth, success and the ability to survive change in the challenging world of the small business.
I am a personal fan, student and friend of Patty’s and can honestly say that she changed my world. Congrats Ms. Soffer. You’ve turned yet another corner and I cannot wait to see the massive success that comes from this movement with you at its epicenter.

—Joe Lombardo, Partner,
ETC Creative, New York and Chicago

The Human Foundation’s P2P Process exposed the exact difficulties we have been experiencing. Seeing things in black and white allowed us to view our situation from a rational perspective and point us in the direction of a solution.

—Susan Miner, MA
President, Beauty From the Inside Out


If there is someone out there writing about partnerships, it should be Patty Soffer! When I met Patty, my business partner and I had just started our own media company. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into; we didn’t really know what we were doing. Patty came into our lives and helped us identify our values, consolidate our mutual goals and structure our business based on our individual strengths. The most powerful part about working with Patty is that she really really really cares about the people she works with and she makes your business her business in order to help you structure your vision.

“The way you are in life is the way you are in business.”

When Patty said this to us it was both scary and revealing. All of a sudden I started thinking about the way I am in life and that was the moment I realized I had to take full control. I had to do the same amount of work on myself as I was doing for my business, otherwise my business would never succeed. Patty is probably one of the most instrumental mentors I have had. Her ability to listen and hear, her knowledge and experience together with heart and soul makes her one powerful writer, strategist and partnership expert. I can’t wait for this book to come out. Patty Soffer is the Steve Jobs of Partnerships; she makes us think different!

—Johanna C. Salazar, Founder,
Aceneth Integrated Media

Patty’s years of business experience have provided her with the insight to identify the various common, yet often neglected roadblocks that halt success in businesses and partnerships. She is a strategist, able to address areas of concern before they become a catastrophe. Her attention to the human aspect of business relationships is critical and her strategies are sure to galvanize your achievements.

—Michael O. Stevens, Script Development
Director, Miami World Cinema Center

In our The Human Foundation seminar, my partner and I were shown the tools that
we needed to make not only our business relationship better, but also our personal relationship. We learned that as much as we wanted to keep our business and personal worlds separate, we couldn’t. For us, business is personal. Because we have now developed our Human Foundation, we have been able to learn how to communicate with each other. We are now prospering in both worlds. Thank you Patty Soffer for this amazing experience.

—David S. Greenwood, Owner,
Danny Cardozo & Co., LLC

Building a Human Foundation has profoundly affected the way we conduct business at Danny Cardozo & Company, LLC. Since doing this work, my partner and I have experienced much personal and professional growth. Clarity is a key component in our day-to-day operations. The ability to understand our roles and utilize our individual strengths has made for a prosperous partnership. It came right on time and on target; we were beginning to experience difficulties because our lack of communication and listening skills. Having a Human Foundation has become a great source of light at the end of our tunnel—personally and professionally. Thank you Patty Soffer for this amazing experience and business service.”

—Danny Cardozo, Principal Creative/Owner,
Danny Cardozo & Co., LLC

My first incentive to read Patty Soffer’s book was a curiosity factor.We modeled in New york together and I remember her as having extraordinary beauty and “presence”. Having had counseling during various junctures in my life, I confess,the title spiked my interest. I made the assumption that I knew plenty about the subject and had no idea there would be wisdom new to me.
Partnership to Partners*** is a life application of consummate importance. It emphasizes the importance of honesty and courage and how mandatory to any endeavor in life it is to build a healthy,wholesome foundation in all of our relationships . My pattern has been to over please at the expense of my own well being,only to have it back – fire later on.
Patty’s candor with regard to the admissions of her culpability and vulnerability moved me to tears at times,and boy could I relate.Since reading her book I actually feel courage and am inspired to risk breaking the accumulated patterns of behavior that all of us acquire along our journey.
I cried and self examined,ultimately arriving with a whole new fundamental perspective. This book gives me the courage and inspiration in which to re build my own human foundations.Anyone entering into a relationship whether business, or personal will benefit to the highest degree, the invaluable wisdom that Patty Soffer so candidly shares.

—Katherine Davis, Creative/Owner,
Katherine Davis Events


It is not often that a book comes along that truly gives clear, useful insight into the workings of human beings and also gives a practical education on how to bring about and conduct a successful relationship. This book is a clear step by step guide on what a partnership is composed of and how to build a strong foundation so it is successful. You find many works that only lay out opinions, advice and give fuzzy outlines about relationships, but this work is different in that it is so well enunciated it truly is inspiring: “What is partnership? To many, it has a legal or financial definition. It’s so much more. Partnerships are about people. So your definition must be human. Partnership means having a clear, defined relationship with yourself first. Then it becomes the merging of minds, souls, dreams, talents, wants, desires, skills and futures, where the outcomes are mutually decided upon for the betterment of all involved.” I highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to be successful in human relationships and life itself.
Thank you Patty.
This book was written with so much heart. As a reader I look for literature that I can sense whether or not the author truly is authentic no matter if its fact or fiction.Patty Soffer not only learned from her mistakes but felt it necessary to help others avoid Partnersh*t which can only go one way…. I truly have been blessed by her expertise and was totally amazed that this book was so wisely thought out. She is a wonderful writer who has the knack for provoking the reader to keep turning to the next page. Her mishaps in partnership can now be your triumphs.This material not only relates to business partnerships but any partnership of any kind including marriage. In fact that’s exactly what a partnership is,its a marriage the joining of two or more to build a relationship. What better way than to build on a steady foundation and that foundation begIns with you. I am sooo looking forward to the conception and births of new projects from this author!(and you should to.)
—Francina L.P
Patty Soffer has survived success and failure, all while learning how the human asset is the greatest value of any business. She knows how to take the hard knocks and come back stronger. With simple wisdom, marketing savvy and style, Patty Soffer gives both the “how to” and “how not to” succeed in business. Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide is required reading BEFORE jumping into a business venture.
— Dr KT Erwin
I have completely transformed the way I view business by following the process Patty maps out in this book. Patty is so thorough that you can’t walk away from the experience without massive leaps in self-awareness and clarity. This book is a must-read not only for those looking to enter business relationships, but romantic relationships as well. I am so so so excited about the solid commitment i am now able to make to myself, my partner and my vision. The book is a smooth, enjoyable read (I love the gray boxes with highlights!) and the material is utterly digestible as the author provides humor and visual cues that are like subconscious candy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is life-changing stuff. Blown away.
— A.J.N.
What makes this book different than the plethora of “How To” business tomes collecting dust on bookstore shelves?
As a practicing psychiatrist I was pleased to read Patty’s emphasis on accepting total responsibility for the results of a partnership,especially when things go south.Patty does not allow the reader to take the victim role or play the blame game.She rightly demands tough introspection of her readers to discover what part they played in the undesired outcome.
She also asks specific penetrating questions of her readers to drive home her points about one’s suitability for business as well as a progress check to make sure things are going as planned.
I found this book very useful in understanding partnerships not only in business but in everyday life.
—L. Benovitz, M.D.