Congrats! You Just Completed the Partnersh*t Detector Quiz for New Partners.

First of all, congratulations on your new business! This is an exciting time for you. We know you are buzzing with energy, freshness, projects, ideas and tasks, and are moving ahead at warp speed to get the business opened.

We also can see that you get it. You have realized you must put your human strategy strategy first. By taking this quiz, you have taken the ever-critical Step #1 on your road to preventing the Partnersh*t that, guaranteed, ultimately destroys Partnerships.

There is no better way to launch a new business than by completing the Partnersh*t-to-Partnership Process (P2P), in which you build a strong Human Foundation (AHF) that will support both the partnership and the business. Good for you!

Your total score, sent to your email address, is 0 out of 32.

Take a look below and see how you fared. You’ll be able to pinpoint existing trouble spots and work to solve them.

The higher your score, the less potential Partnersh*t you are faced with. That’s a good thing. But having a high score—a perfect score, even, still puts you at some risk for developing Partnersh*t. Why? Because we’re human. And humans mess up. So we need to constantly work at being excellent, because there are roadblocks everywhere. Use marriage as the example: it takes work every day. So too does a partnership.

Partnersh*t Scorecard:

0-15: Look out below! You are going to get splattered!

Wow—do you know ANYTHING about this person with whom who you are partnering? How much do you know about yourself? Right now, you are headed straight for the toilet. Don’t despair. Just taking this quiz shows your determination to understand where you are and a desire to build your partnership the right way. Congratulations. Most don’t bother. And most ultimately fail.

Can you afford to fail?
NOW is the time to start building your Human Foundation. STOP everything you are doing and get to work on this. Start at the beginning. This is an opportunity for you to create a relationship with your partner that will be like granite for your business—strong, supportive and impenetrable by others.

16-20: You’re on the road but have miles to go.

You’re getting closer. You know a few things about your partner, a bit about yourself and are thinking strategically. That’s a good start.

But you are still at maximum risk for a partnership failure. Are you asking the right questions? Are you listening to the answers? The thing is, many new partners have no idea what the right questions are. They are afraid to dig deep because they don’t want to come off as nosy or intrusive. Forget that. You must ask good questions and demand good answers.

A good question is an honest attempt on your part to discover or unveil something that will be important to not just you but both of you. It is exacting and specific. Good questions often evoke emotional responses so often they are not easy to answer. However, they must be asked and answered to build a solid Human Foundation. A good question requires the only good answer there is—the truth.

One must be self-aware and accountable to be truthful. Are you? It’s a big question. Answer truthfully.

21-27: You’re a natural at Building a Human Foundation!

You’ve done this before, haven’t you? Congrats on knowing what’s important for building a solid foundation with your partner. You also know that this relationship with your partner will take constant attention, adaptability, self-awareness, accountability and revision. You need to get absolutely clear about all 7 Steps to Building a Human Foundation. All it takes is one little thing out of place, and the entire partnership starts to erode. I know because it happened to me, and we had been partners for more than 7 years (and friends for 10)!

28-32: You Rock!

Wow. You are ahead of 99% of the people on this planet. How did you get to be so aware? Keep it up! And that you are accountable is business gold. I will let you in on a secret: The #1 quality of a great partner is accountability. Driven by self-awareness, it is the best business asset you possess. Everything else follows.

Have you set up your business in the same way? Do you have a winning business, brand and marketing strategy? Have you set achievable goals? Have you created and executed a Partnership Plan that includes a solid exit strategy? All of this is part of a rich, winning partnership soup. As with any great recipe, you cannot skip a step. If you do, it will come back and cause trouble. So stay the course. It’s all a process.

It’s clear you also understand the “perfect score” trap. I have not seen one yet, but maybe one day . . . Anyway, continue to seek improvement, because human relationships always need work.

So forge ahead my friend! You are a dream partner and are ready to take on the world. I hope your partner scored as well as you did. If not, you’re aware and accountable enough to take a pass and find someone who deserves you. Good luck!


We’ve found this to be a very helpful tool in identifying where you are in the process of creating and building not just your Human Foundation but also your business. The questions you answered are at the center of the P2P Process that helps you build A Human Foundation. It’s a key client assessment tool and has been built based on experience.

It’s a stretch to try and predict anyone’s success or failure. However, in this case, I’m pretty damn confident that these questions will uncover any lurking monsters that WILL determine success or failure. Conversely, it might turn out that you both score high and it looks like all systems go, and then for other reasons, you decide to pass. These situations usually boil down to the business not being viable or an unexpected personal upheaval of some sort.


Here are some things to think about . . .

Business is tough. 55% will fail within the first 5 years.

Partnerships are tough. More than 1/3 will fail within the first 3 years.

Being alone is tough. Millions do it and do it well. But it’s tough to celebrate the wins or suffer the losses all by yourself.

Some of the best businesses on the planet were started by or are still operated by partners. Think Google. Apple. Microsoft. Berkshire Hathaway. MGM.

Two (or more) is better than one. Ask Rocky and Bullwinkle. Batman and Robin. Sonny and Cher. Hall and Oates. Buffet and Munger. Grazer and Howard. Rubell and Schrager, and more.

Life is meant to be shared. You can do your part by creating AHF and then leaning on it when life and business lean on you. This will give you your best shot at thriving, and being purposeful and happy. It all goes together.

Besides empowering you and your partner, a strong Human Foundation is inspirational for all the other partners in your life—your employee-partners, vendor-partners, strategic-alliance partners, project partners and so on. Because, in truth we are all partners on this planet. And coming from a healthy Human Foundation mindset is a gift that you give to everyone. Once you start thinking and acting like a good partner, you automatically become someone people want to be around and work with.


That’s easy. Start by building your Human Foundation.

I looked high and low for help when my partnership tanked. Nobody had answers. Actually, nobody even had the questions I needed to be asking. There was no guidance, no talk of a human strategy, not even any support from some of my most trusted advisors. The lawyers looked at the law, and the financial advisors looked at the money. Nobody was looking at the partners.

I explored dozens of books and websites to see what other partnership experts were up to. Not much luck there either. Most came from a legal or financial perspective. One or two seemed to be on to something having to do with people, but fell short by way of a complete a-to-z process that had questions, explanations and case studies.

I was alone. I hate that. I still love partnerships.

So I went on a mission. I asked myself two simple questions: 1. What didn’t I didn’t know about my partner? 2. What didn’t I know about myself? It was amazing that starting from that simple place opened up a world of illuminating information about what it takes to be a damn good partner.

I was stunned when I realized my mess could have been avoided had we just simply talked about what was really important. Can you imagine?

My realizations turned into private partnership coaching sessions that dovetailed with my branding assignments. Soon, my questions expanded and became the basis for the Partnersh*t-to-Partnership Process for Building a Human Foundation®. Suddenly I was holding regular partner workshops. I was helping people avoid my mistakes.

Next, I built this website as a repository for information and cool free downloads. After that came my book, Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide. How to Build your Business Partnership On The Strongest Foundation There Is—A Human Foundation. We also created the companion  Workbook so all your answers are in one place, organized and readily available when you create your Partnership Plan.

And now, I am offering you the opportunity for you to Build Your Own Human Foundation.


Many business people are spending a ton of time, energy and money on things that are not only ineffective, but can end up damaging their partnership. That’s because they are not starting at the Real Beginning. Since yours is a new partnership, this is a golden moment for you.

The Real Beginning is

• Before you commit to a partner
• Before you order the logo-and-a-website special
• Before you buy or lease equipment and office space
• Before you write the business plan
• Before you write the branding and marketing plans
• Before you look for financing
• Before you hire anyone
• Before you start the hunt for clients
• Before you advertise
• Before you launch

You will learn to stop problems before they begin by:

• Getting to know yourself
• Declaring who you are and what you want
• Exploring the ins and outs of partnerships
• Deciding if partnership is right for you
• Deciding what kind of partnership is right for you
• Knowing how to choose a partner who suits you
• Doing the work necessary for becoming a good partner
• Setting the partner-biz mission, vision and goals
• Creating an atmosphere of open communication
• Understanding that partnerships need attention every day
• Knowing how to manage your partnership
• Learning from and about your partnership
• Planning an exit strategy
• Realizing when it’s time to move on

It’s all available here, in three convenient methods. Find the one that suits you best.


No course, process, webinar, book or coaching session will turn an inherently mismatched partnership into a good partnership. That would take a miracle, and we are not in the miracle business.

Sometimes people just do not belong together. Oil and water, if you will. A “good enough” partnership isn’t, and will eventually turn to Partnersh*t. That’s a given. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. And definitely don’t waste your emotional health.