The Most Powerful Business Asset You Have is You.

Think about something: While people are out there hustling and bustling to create and run their partnerships and businesses, most are not seeing what is literally right in front of them.

The most overlooked business asset resides in your own psyche. Listen to what Shawn Achor has to say in this TED talk, The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance.

His message is important: Don’t worry. Be happy!

And look how happy he is. The man oozes joy and humor. Those are two other pretty powerful business assets. Most people think business assets are all about money, computers, property and so forth. The most important business asset you will ever have is a happy, productive outlook.

Most creative, successful people already know this: you are your thoughts. And what you think creates your reality. We have seen this time and again. This has been documented as a scientific fact. We choose our beliefs, therefore our reality.

You cannot be happy and angry at the same time. Imagine going into a partnership meeting all pissed off and ready to do battle. Now imagine entering a partnership meeting in a happy frame of mind, where you are ready to meet any issues head-on and in a positive manner. See the difference?

You set your intention and your meeting becomes that intention. The possibility becomes endless when you arrive with a positive mindset.

Happiness is internal, not external. Evidence of this is everywhere. Look at the Lindsey Lohans of the world, who seemingly have everything but are not happy, therefore they have nothing. Look at yourself. How does your life flow when you are angry and complaining? And how does it flow when you are happy?

It’s dopamine vs cortisol. You decide. Learn to filter the world positively. Change your thoughts, change your reality.